How to embed a datatable that is too long in a tabset window in flexdashboard.

I want to embed a datatable using DT::datatable() in one tab and a graph on another table.
This looks great when we only see ~10 rows but when selecting more sometimes the table runs off the screen.

Below is a reproducible example. In this case select 50 or 100 rows and you'll see the UI runs off the screen unless you happen to be running this on a super long computer.

I'd like to extend the behavior of the scroll-able main page when not in a tabset to this to not have to worry about how long the resulting table with the data would be.

I see a few additional options.

  1. Only allow the user to see 10 or so rows at a time and hope this error doesn't happen when the app is live.
  2. Instead of using tabset use the main page since the vertical_layout: scroll options works well when not embedded in a tabset.

title: "Too Long Table Example"
    orientation: rows
    vertical_layout: scroll
runtime: shiny

Inputs {.sidebar}


<!-- < This one works fine --> 
<!-- Row { data-height=1200} -->
<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<!-- This one restricts the tabset size and the UI element  -->
<!-- falls off the page at showing 50+ rows numbers. -->
Row {.tabset data-height=1200}

###  Table
A Table used to make selections and data edits, not implemented in this example. 

df <- head(diamonds, 200)
DT::datatable(df )


###  Graph

Some Graphic using DT on another Tab. 
Not important to this example. 

plot(df$carat, df$cut)