How to find, copy and paste files containing time series. Index: Onsets and offsets listed in a txt/excel file.


One folder contains 407files named as follows:
. They correspond to a series of images captured each 2,1 seconds (s):
s_00001= the first file capturing information between: 0 and 2,1s.
s_00002= the second file capturing information between: 2,1 and 4,2s.
s_00407= the last file capturing information between: 852,5 and 854,7s.
The same folder contains a txt. (or excel) file specifying the onsets and offsets of 6 different events in a table with 3 columns. E.g.,
event onset offset
pos1 6,3 ,8,6
pos2 213,0 22,5
neg1 341,4 381,4
neg2 480,4 484,3
ctr1 610,5 632,5
ctr2 753,9 759,3
How can I select and copy the files containing the requested time windows (i.e., events) and pasting them in different folders? E.g.,
New folder pos1 (Files collected between 6,3 and 8,6)= "s_00004", "s_00005". The file "s_00005" is also required because it collected information during the last 200 milliseconds of the "pos1" event.
thank you very much in advance.

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