How to fit a best circle and get the center coordinate?

ab <- tibble(a = c(1.79, 1.75, 1.77, 1.73),
b = seq(360/4, 360, 360/4))

How to best fit a circle and get the center coordinate in R?

greater equal than 3 points


If your goal is to fit a circle on 3 given points, you can calculate this using some equations given in the below post

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I wish the code can work for more than 3 points.


With more than 3 points, you are not guaranteed that all points will lie on the circle, as only 3 points are needed to uniquely create a one.


Maybe we could find the point(center) which has the nearest distance to all points around. But I don't know how in R code.

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