how to fix this issue "Error in if (seasonal) { : argument is of length zero"

I am a new user of R software. kindly see the attached codes.
I am facing "Error in if (seasonal) { : argument is of length zero".
kindly help me with how to fix it.

#install climdown package (for bias correction and downscaling)

devtools::install_github("pacificclimate/ClimDown", ref="release")

lapply(.packages(all.available = TRUE), function(xx) library(xx,character.only = TRUE))

#load library climdown

#set working directory

#bias correction
qdm.netcdf.wrapper("", "", "BIAS-out.file", varname = "sfcwind")

Error in if (seasonal) { : argument is of length zero

My guess is that there is no variable called sfcwind in the input file. Perhaps it's sfcWind?

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