How to fix this problem Error: evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)? Execution halted

Hey All,

I have been trying to fix this problem for some time now and I am at a lose on what to do. I have followed the steps that was pointed out in

this thread. I have tried uninstalling Rstudio, I have tried following the thread on Github that should help me out to no avail. If any one of you can help a Newbie like myself out I would be so so grateful. If there is a video setting this up I would be grateful for that as well. Thank you.


Where does the code options(expressions= 100000) come from? I don't think it is auto-generated in a new Rmarkdown file.

Hey gueyenono!

Thank you for replying! I am a bit confused by what you are asking. The Error code that I receive does not have the "100000" bit in your comment. It just has this:

options(expressions= )

Am I doing something wrong? Did you want me to list the packages that I've installed, do you think that would give you a better idea as to what is going on?

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