how to fix ugly ggplot fonts ... reprex is easy

I'm using shiny and the ggplot fonts are blocky ... do I have a reprex? ... yes, the
default boilerplate "Old Faithful Geyser" code generated in a new project.
The widget fonts are fine, it is only the ggplot fonts which are blocky.

I have tried all kinds of things like setting "base_family" in a theme ...

NB. This doesn't happen on ... only on my Ubuntu 20.04.02 LTS desktop ... all packages are uptodate.


hmmm. the default boilerplate "Old Faithful Geyser" does not use ggplot2 at all.

Ah ... many thanks ... indeed "Old Faithful Geyser" doesn't use ggplot ... but
the problem looks like it's the same.

The fonts on the slider and heading are fine but the fonts on the graph are blocky.

So yes, it is a more general issue about my Ubuntu setup.


has fixed everything ... much nicer on my display

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