How to generate a map for property cluster

Could you help me make a graph in R similar to the one I inserted in the image below, which shows the properties on a map, differentiating by cluster. See in my database that I have 4 properties, properties 1 and 3 are of cluster 1 and properties 2 and 4 are of cluster 2. In addition, the database has the coordinates of the properties, so I believe that with this information I can generate a graph similar to what I inserted. Any help is welcome!


df<-structure(list(Properties = c(1,2,3,4), 
                   Latitude = c(-24.930473, -24.95575,-24.924161,-24.95579), 
                   Longitude = c(-49.994889, -49.990162,-50.004343, -50.007371), 
                   cluster = c(1,2,1,2)), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -4L))

  Properties  Latitude Longitude cluster
1          1 -24.93047 -49.99489       1
2          2 -24.95575 -49.99016       2
3          3 -24.92416 -50.00434       1
4          4 -24.95579 -50.00737       2

Example of figure:

enter image description here

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