how to get an output in R, when we have dynamic UI which is dependent on input?

Basically, I am creating an App which will have dynamic input. The user will enter the values inside the textInput and then the data will be automatically stored in the datatable.

For Example : Lets say I have to enter name of Items and Quantity I bought from store just onces. The number of items are going to vary. so I need to have dynamic input and also a provision to store it in data format.


ui <- fluidPage(

numericInput("n", "Number of items", value = 5, min = 1),



server <- function(input, output, session) { 
  item_names <- reactive(paste0("item", seq_len(input$n)))

  qty <- reactive(paste0("qty", seq_len(input$n))) 
  strr <- reactive(tribble(~item, ~qty, item_names(), qty())) 
  output$col<- renderUI({
    map2(strr(), ~textInput({..1}, "Item", ""),
               textInput({..2}, "Qty", ""))})

  output$text<- renderText({
  map_chr(item_names(), ~ input[[.x]])})  

shinyApp(ui, server)

I know the code is quite wrong. Any direction or help is really appreciated.



Have a look at this:

your app is good when we have to enter one row at a time.
However I am looking for adding multiple rows at single time. Do you have any idea about that?