How to get the Confidence intervals CI with upper and lower limits in for model estimates in Lmer R ?

I'm running a multilevel linear mixed effect model with a four-way interaction of fixed effects and two within-subject random effects.

AUG25M1 <- lmer(RTNormalized~ Block SeqType Group *AgeRange + (Block+SeqType|ParticipantID), control=lmerControl(calc.derivs = FALSE,optCtrl=list(maxfun=100000)), REML = FALSE, data = mdf)

I'm interested in reporting the interaction effects of the model with model estimates. For example, (β = xx , SE = xx , t = xx , 95% CI [xxx- xxx] and p = )

Because of the complexity of the model, I'm not able to get the vcov matrix, the correlation values, or the CI values by using the confint() function.

***Error correlation matrix not shown by default, as p = 24 > 12.
Use print(x, correlation=TRUE) or
vcov(x) if you need it ***

and the "confint" function is taking too long to process, and r-studio becomes unresponsive.
I appreciate any suggestions on trying alternative ways to obtain the above model estimates.

Many thanks

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