How to give write permissions for R studio In windows OS

Hello, While I was trying to animate my graphs using gganimate package I was facing errors as described in the image below:

98  C:\\Users\\dell\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\RtmpSuowL5\\1efc86d16f5/gganim_plot0098.png
99  C:\\Users\\dell\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\RtmpSuowL5\\1efc86d16f5/gganim_plot0099.png
100 C:\\Users\\dell\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\RtmpSuowL5\\1efc86d16f5/gganim_plot0100.png
Warning message:
file_renderer failed to copy frames to the destination directory

I have installed all the required libraries

and also tried to run R studio as "Administrator", still No luck. Please help me to get rid of this error and to animate my graphs.

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