How to increase Memory in Rstudion Ubuntu

Hello, when I try to load 2.3Gb of dataset into my Rstudion it abort the session and restart it or restart Rstudio. Do I need to increase Rstudio memory, I've x86_64 on ubuntu 18, i've also 12Gb of RAM.
How to fixe this so that I can load more amount of data?

Question posted and discussion at stack overflow:

Depending on your file format, those 2.3GB could by allocating a lot more on RAM memory. There is no RAM memory limit for R, but you can pre allocate memory for R with this command (size is in MB).


Hello, thanks for your answer. I’ve done that but I’ve got this line.

memory-limit() is windows specific

I think that mean it’s possible to that if we’re running on windows not linux.

That means memory.limit() is a system specific command and can't be used on Linux (I didn't know that before).

Anyways, as I told you before, there is no memory limit for the R process, most probably your problem has to do with the size of your file in-memory (not on disk where is compressed).

Thanks, that I think as it was explained to me recently in Stackoverflow.

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