How to install a python package which is not in conda .

How to install a python package [siuba] which is not in conda .

I am able to install with pip install siuba. But its seems Rstudio can not recognize it .

You are not installing into the same environment reticulate is using, RStudio is not involved into the python package management ,it simply uses your existing python setup, so maybe you would have better luck asking this on a Anaconda related forum.

Hi Andre, Thanks for your answer. the package works on the existing python setup.

I am able to install it with additional parameter(pip=TRUE) .But still no luck on calling the package.

As you said reticulate will create a environment .Should I active that environment and do a pip install on commend line ?


Problem solved . first I uninstall the Anaconda and using reticulate to install miniconda by following code:


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