How to install Hmisc package? (Line 108(chunk 10) package 'Hmisc' could not be loaded)

I am trying to run the below code in R Studio. I am unable to install Hmisc package. You may ask me for more info about something and I will reply. Windows 11, R 4.3.2 and RStudio is the latest version, Here is the code:

install.packages("UsingR", repos = "")

install.packages("Hmisc", repos = "")


install.packages("tidyverse", repos = "")



The error:

(Line 108(chunk 10) package 'Hmisc' could not be loaded)

It looks like you are trying to us Hmisc in an Rmd file. Please run install.packages("Hmisc") and library(Hmisc) in the console and post all of the output here.

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