How to Install "psych" on a Mac


I am attempting to download the "psych" package in R and/or RStudio specifically for the function. Every time I get this message at the end:
"Warning in install.packages :
installation of package ‘psych’ had non-zero exit status"
I have have attempted downloading other packages in order to successfully get "psych" but quickly realized that this is a common issue for a lot of Mac users. Does anyone know how to solve this issue or if there are any other packages that will allow me to use


Hi @anything4ENVSdeg,
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Try running this command and then copy-paste the console output into your reply. This will help us try to diagnose the problem.

install.packages("psych", dependencies=TRUE, type="mac.binary")

The aim is to avoid compiling any source-code packages since this requires that your Mac machine has additional tools installed. See here:

THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate it @DavoWW :blush:

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