How to interate over folder and use as input for program running in Rstudio.

Hi, I'm a total beginner in R and could use some assistance (already having difficulty with generating the reprex).

I am using a program (EditR, GitHub - MoriarityLab/EditR: EditR: an algorithm for simple and cost effective measurement of base editing by quantifying Sanger trace fluorescence), but the tool only allows to upload files one by one. Since I need to analyze a vast amount of files, I'd like to be able to upload in batch and write the output to one (or multiple) files.

Since the Rstudio version of EditR is working without an internet connection, I was told that it is running "front end" and thus should be able to make alterations as to allow for batch uploading. But with my limited coding knowledge, I was unsuccessful in this. Could somebody help me on my way?

I think i just need a way to iterate over a folder and use these as input for the function?

It would me very much appreciated if someone could help me on my way!

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