How to interpret the results of wavelet analysis

Hi all,
I'm working on wavelet analysis for daily measurements. covering the period between 2014-1-1 and 2019-12-1. As the six years of data are pretty long, so I created random data for this example. I'd like to ask that how to interpret the results? Thanks very much for your help..

# the daily data
time= seq(as.Date('2014-1-1'),as.Date('2019-12-1'),by='day')
df.a= data.frame(x=a)
wt.a= analyze.wavelet(df.a,'x',loess.span=0,dt=1,dj=1/20,
                      lowerPeriod=2,make.pval=T, n.sim=100)
## Plot of wavelet power spectrum (with equidistant color breakpoints):  
wt.image(wt.a, color.key="interval", legend.params=list(lab="wavelet power levels"))
## Plot of average wavelet power:
wt.avg(wt.a, siglvl=0.05, sigcol="red")

I do not understand what the x- and y-axis represent in the resulting figures. Thanks for anyone who could help me.

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