How to link MySQL regularly instead of linking MySQL every time when open R shiny app?

Hi all,

Now I have an R shiny program in my shiny server. Every time I open R shiny app, the app will connect to MYSQL, and then do a lot of data processing, and then display the data in web. My ideal is that every 24 hours, the server will automatically take out the data from MYSQL, storing data on the server after data processing, and then when someone opens this web page and directly reads the data stored in the server. Can this be implemented on R shiny?

I have tried to use invalidateLater to write on the server side, and can not achieve what I said. Every time I open the webpage to reconnect to the mysql server.


Separate the data acquisition/processing step from the shiny app into a separate script that you can schedule to run every 24 hours and output to a file, then you can make your app to read that file instead of queryn the sql server

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