How to load records into MariaDB with good performance?

My Shiny app allows a user to upload csv files up to 10-15k records and writes them to a table in a remote instance of MariaDB. During testing, dbWriteTable or dbAppendTable can upload 6000 records to the db in about 1 second, but only if I use ODBC with the MariaDB ODBC connector. If I use RMariaDB, the same upload takes about 10 minutes! Frustratingly, the MariaDB ODBC connector is not available on, where my app runs. I've also tried the MySQL ODBC connector on shinyapps, but it's just as slow as RMariaDB. Any suggestions?

Sorry not to get any responses from the community, but folks over on StackOverflow led me to a solution, explained here, so my inserts are fast now. :+1:

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