How to login to RStudio Server 1.3 running inside a local docker container?

Everytime I try to login to RStudio server, I get redirected back to the login page again.

This is how I have defined the Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu:20.04

RUN apt update && \
    DEBIAN_FRONTEND="noninteractive"  apt-get -y install tzdata && \
    apt-get install -y gdebi-core r-base wget && \
    wget && \
    gdebi --n rstudio-server-1.3.1073-amd64.deb

RUN useradd -m user && \
    echo "user:abc123" | chpasswd


I create the container, forward port 8787 and went to localhost:8787 in my browser. There, I am presented with the login page where I put:

  • Username: user
  • Password: abc123

Clicking "Sign In" will bring be back to the same page.

Are there additional configuration steps I need to do?

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