How to look for posts from a certain user in threads started by me

As per title, how can I find, only in the threads started by me, all posts by user X? What if I want to find only the answers of user X to threads opened by me?

I don't know that that level of granularity exists. You can do posts from a user in a thread that you've posted in (which includes starting), see expanded search view:

You might have more luck in the meta discourse forum

— there are quite a few feature requests and posts related to search functionality there


I am not sure there is an option other than something like:

I have personally found advanced search to be somewhat limiting.

I did a small survey of r-answering stack overflow superusers, more than one said they would spend more time on discourse forums if it had a search-option that let them fine-turn the types of threads they want to be involved in (e.g. recent topics, with no solution, with any of these keywords or tags).


Hi Mara,

the combination in:posted + @UserX seems exactly what I need, but apparently it doesn't work:

It returns ** No results found.**, but of course you have posted in topics I created (such as the current one).

I'll ask help on the Discourse Meta, but before I'd like to double check with you that this is what you meant. Thanks again!!

Yeah, I can't really check that, since, of course, I get a whole bunch of results (shockingly, I have posted in everything that I posted :scream:).


You're right in that you cannot check literally the same search as I did, but what I meant to suggest is that you checked the "inverse" search :wink: i.e. Does this one work for you, or does it also return No results found. like mine?

Yeah, it doesn't seem to work for me either. The other filters do seem to work correctly, but not with that dropdown. You might want to ask about it on meta discourse. It looks like the feature was added last March (which may at least be a post worth linking back to).


Ok, thanks! I asked on Meta.Discourse:

let's see what they answer.

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