How to make read_excel(file.choose()) function appear on client side in remote server shiny app

Am trying to create a shiny app that allows user upload excel file to preprocess it. I tried using the following code but the upload file appears only in the server side and the user unable to see it and upload file , what am missing ? note! if I use FileInput function I will be able to preprocess it like rename column name remove column or subset values in particular variable.


options(shiny.maxRequestSize = 30*1024^2)
         ui = fluidPage(
           titlePanel("Upload Excel File"),
               actionButton("uploada", "Upload"),

server = function(input, output){
           observeEvent(input$uploada, {
             output$contents <-  renderTable({read_excel(file.choose())})

This cant work, you should use fileInput (which you mentioned) to load client data to a shiny app

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