How to manually create a gargle/googlesheets4 authentication token?

With Google OOB being depreciated we are currently looking for alternatives for getting and refreshing tokens from a pure CLI environment (i.e. remote server with no browser installed). We currently have a prototype solution based on a rsconnect webapp that authenticates and stores the tokens for the CLI to retrieve later which seems to be working. What I was hoping to get help with is how to convert tokens received from this webserver into tokens that gargle/googlesheets4 can use.

i.e. from our webserver we get a list object that looks something like this:

credentials <- list(
    expiry = "2022-06-27T15:28:09.215485Z",
    refresh_token = "<REFRESH_TOKEN_STRING>",
    scopes = "",
    token = "<TOKEN_STRING>",
    token_uri = ""

How can I convert this into a gargle token object that googlesheets4 can use ?

The following code is something that I managed to hack together which seems to work however I don't really understand the internals of gargle and am worried I am abusing it in a way it wasn't designed for. Any guidance on how to do this "properly" would be super appreciated.

credentials2 <- credentials
credentials2$access_token <- credentials2$token
credentials2$token <- NULL
credentials2$refresh_token <- NULL
token <- httr::Token2.0$new(
    endpoint = httr::oauth_endpoints("google"),
    app = httr::oauth_app("null", secret = "null", key = "null"),
    params = list(as_header = TRUE),
    cache_path = FALSE,
    credentials = creds
googlesheets4::gs4_auth(token = token)

Anyone able to help ?

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