how to omit lag 0 in act() function

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I am a beginner. I want to plot the ACF and PACF of a series. If I directly use the acf() function, It will give me something that includes lag 0. I only need lag 1 to lag 10.

Is there anyone who can advise me?

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The return value of acf is an acf object with an accompanying plot. Plotting can be suppressed, then the acf object subset with your lags of interest and (re)plotted. see below

myacf <- acf(lh, plot = FALSE)
myacf <- myacf[1:10]

disclaimer: I have no experience with time series objects. I found most of this info by checking help at ?acf

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The function Acf() in the forecast package excludes 0, and you can set the upper limit of lags with the lag.max argument:

    #> Registered S3 method overwritten by 'quantmod':
    #>   method            from
    #> zoo

Acf(wineind, lag.max = 10)

Thanks for your help. ^ ^ it works.

Thanks. This package is pretty good.

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