How to paste rows to a variable based on specific value of another variable

I'm currently using dyadic data (collecting data from children and their mothers- i.e. did.x.x is the name of each dyad, and id is for each individual - for example, first individual is mother #11020, and after is child #12020- both are part of dyad #20).

I'm using the variables tw_child_wave and tw_child_overall as outcomes but both are taken from the mother's reports only. Thus, for each child I want to paste the same value of their mother (i.e. for id 12020, instead of "NA", the tw_child_wave and tw_child_overall should be 0.6666667 and 0.7228916, respectively, and so on).

I'm struggling finding a way to to this with mutate of ifelse functions. Any ideas?

seems like you might be trying to do this :


(df_1 <- data.frame(
  memberid = 1:4

df_1 |> 
  group_by(group) |> 
  fill(val1,val2,.direction = "down")

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