How to plot a table with multiple columns as a box plot

Hello all. I am trying to plot a box plot with the Trinucleotide as the x axis (so 64 trinucleotides on the x axis) and the frequency of each trinucleotide in each of 6 samples then color code the plot according to the sample. This is a snippet of the table and the code I have so far.


marte <- read_xlsx("TrinucleotideFrequency06182021.xlsx")
marte <- gather (marte, "", "", "", "", "", "",key="gene", value="value")
marte$gene <- as.factor(marte$Trinucleotide)  
marte$group <- as.factor(marte$gene)

ggplot(marte, aes(x = gene, y = value, color = group)) +

This is what I am looking to produce

We need more information and reproducible example (reprex)

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