how to plot a time based heatmap for models comparison (observed & estimated mean annual precipitation) using the Kling-Gupta efficiency (KGE) ?

I have data consisting of 34 years of mean annual precipitation under 9 models.
I would like to compare observed (1 model) and estimated (8 models) mean annual rainfall using Kling-Gupta efficiency (KGE) for each year and visualize them using a heatmap (y: the 8 models, x: the 34 years).
I tried the function below but it gives me only one KGE value when comparing two models and not the values for each year and I can't also calculate KGE for the 8 models at the same time.
Any help, please!

KGE(sim, obs, s=c(1,1,1), na.rm=TRUE, method=c("2009", "2012"), 
            out.type=c("single", "full"), ...)

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