How to prepare a csv file to import to R including data and metadata

I know how to import a csv file using R. But the file has no variable and value labels (codes). What can I do to import a file to R including variable and value labels (similar to SPSS sav files).

Shall I have two csv files? One for data and the other for metadata? Or one csv file including data and metadata?
How to relate data and metadata?
Ex. Imagine that I have in one csv file a column called gender with values 1 and 2. And in another csv file the codes: 1 -> male, 2 -> female.

It seems that you have authority to define the structure of the raw data - Congratulations - this can save you some hassle!
There are multiple ways; I suggest here my personal recommendation: Structure first!
You may want to have 1 file per dataset, with all data and all related meta data in it.
The "classical structure" is one rectangular table with 1 variable per column and 1 entity per row.
First row holds the variable names.
You also may want to look up upfront the difference between long and wide data sets. In a nutshell, "long" is easier for the machines, "wide" easier for the human reader - but these can be converted.
This rectangular structure is easy to import and to process.
Have fun!

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My raw data is in several Excel files, some for data and other for metadata. The simpler solution is to import data and metadata to SPSS. But I wanted to know if there is an R similar solution for this problem.

Here is an example using two csv files. But I have a problem with value labels.

> data
# A tibble: 6 × 2
  se    ctr  
  <chr> <chr>
1 1     1    
2 1     2    
3 2     3    
4 2     2    
5 1     1    
6 2     3    
> metadata
# A tibble: 2 × 3
  var   var_label val_lab                        
  <chr> <chr>     <chr>                          
1 se    sex       (1,'Female'),(2,'Male')        
2 ctr   country   (1,'UK'),(2,'USA'),(3,'France')

"data" contains all the info, however coded.
It seems that you need to do a ==> join
You will find more info here:

Please see other solution in stackoverflow.

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