How to put "Input values" on the Box Title

Hi people!

How can i put some input$value in the Box Title?

box( title = "Relatorio de Capabilidade - Diametro x Parede - AQA - Grau",
                              width = "8",
                              footer = "Aqui pode vir qualquer texto",

I'm using dashboardpage.
If i have a
numericInput(inputId= "diametro", label= "Diametro do Aco:", value = 0)
how can this value comming from this input, appear on the title?

I tried that way (and other variations):
box( title = "Relatorio de Capabilidade - "input$diametro" x Parede - AQA - Grau"

But did not work

You would have to construct the title string with something like paste()or glue() but is hard to know for sure if that is the only issue here, because you are not providing context.

Could you please turn this into a self-contained REPRoducible EXample (reprex)?

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