How to put two variables into one boxplot graph?

Hiya. I am struggling with my code. I am trying to compare 2 population densities over a 'season' (November - April/May). My variables are: number of males, number of females, and period (the season). How can I put the female and male densities on the same boxplot? I've been struggling for over an hour trying to figure this out. I have already made two separate boxplots for them but would like to directly compare them by putting them on the same one. Unfortunately the dataset is not divided into 'males' and 'females' , only 'no.males' and 'no.females', which means I'm not sure how to 'fill' the boxplot colour according to sex? I think the fill part is the part of the code I am struggling with. Hopefully that makes sense. Any help is much appreciated

One of these?

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