How to read a SAS dataset which is hosted on a Unix Server

Hello, I am trying to read a SAS dataset which is hosted on a Unix server and the script below does not work.
It work fine when the dataset is located a my C drive but not a the Unix server. I would like to able to read a SAS dataset on a Unix Server directly because file transfer on my c drive will cause safety issue.

Class <- read.sas7bdat("//finsys/bicoe/test/class.7bdat")

I'm not sure the issue is with the function but specifying the path. If you do ls("//finsys/bicoe/test"), is the file shown? If not, you're not specifying the folder path correctly.

Hello Stephanie,

I am new to the usage of R language. Also, the difficulty I am facing, is that R is installed on my window based computer while my SAS file is hosted on a UNIX server.

I will need to find a way to permit R to communicate with my Unix server.

Maybe something like that:

handle <- new_handle()
handle_setopt(handle, username = "domain\username")
handle_setopt(handle, password = "secret") # If needed
request <- curl_fetch_memory("smb://", handle = handle)
contents <- rawToChar(request$content)

But it is not clear for me how to make the ls command as you have suggested and from there read the sas file