How to run .R files using spark-submit from CDSW terminal?

Hello Team,

Unable to run .R files from CDSW terminal .Getting error after running below code. Please let me know how to overcome from this.

!spark-submit -v --master yarn --deploy-mode client --num-executors 10 --executor-memory 4g --executor-cores 4 --driver- cores 4 --driver-memory 4g Sample.R

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Sankar Narayana

Support for spark-submit is implemented through spark_submit() in sparklyr, see The batch.R file should define connection as disconnection as follows:

sc <- spark_connect(master = "local")

# custom sparklyr code goes here...
sdf_len(sc, 10) %>% spark_write_csv("batch.csv")


Then, in order to submit a batch job, use spark_submit() as follows, use the appropriate parameters for your connection (e.g. master = "yarn", etc.)


config <- spark_config()
config[[""]] <- 10
# additional configuration settings

spark_submit(master = "yarn", file = "batch.R", config = config)

Thank you . It worked for me.

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