How to run something only after all selections of a multi select input have been made

Here is my question. I have a Shiny App in with some a series of select inputs that the user must go through and make selections on. The LAST selection in a multi select. Once he/she has made all of the selections, then a reactive event occurs where a sql statement is created and a database is queried...the results are written to a csv file. This code works. However , it runs that final reactive each time the user selects more on the multil select. I want the even to occur only after all of the those selection in the multi - select have been made... Any suggestions..?

Add something like

req(all(my_multi_select_options %in% input$my_multi_select))

Hi @cmickel. You may use debounce to delay the fire of reactive signal and prevent fire signals frequently during multi selection.

Thanks, woodward! I used req but only something like req(input$my_multi_select) . I think this might get it for me.


This is something I've never heard of but I'll look into it. I appreciate your help on this!