How to run WinBUGS in Rstudio Cloud?

I have copied WinBUGS to Rstudio Cloud and I have created a paste named "WinBUGS14".

But when I try to run WinBUGs in Rstudio Cloud arise the following error message:

I suppose Rstudio could not find the executable file (WinBUGS14.exe).

Please what is the correct address to find WinBUGS executable file?

Andre Neves

Rstudio Cloud runs on Linux servers, so you can't execute .exe files.

So there is no technical solution...

I need to use R2WinBUGS package for run WinBUGS.

Package documentation says that on Linux you can use OpenBUGS instead but if this requires installation, you are not going to be able to use it, since you don't have sudo rights on RStudio Cloud.

The classic alternative to Winbugs is jags, but also requires installation.

I suggest you have a look to NIMBLE ( Depending on your specific BUGS code, it may just work out of the box (and quite faster than Winbugs or jags)

I thought Stan is another alternative/replacement for Bugs and Jags? And from what I remember, there were posts already that showed that you could use it in RStudio Cloud, albeit for rather small models given the 1 GB RAM limit.

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