how to save internal output in R studio?


I want to know how to save the intrinsic results in R studio. For example, my code is

Test <- image_darknet_detect(file=file.jpg, object=yolo_tiny_voc, threshold=0.1)

The output/result is NULL (saved as a png file), but the R studio shows that

layer   filters   size       input              output
0    conv 16   3X3 /1  416X416X3 -> 416 X  416 X 16
15 detection
Loading weights from C:/Users/..../tiny-yolo-voc.weights...Done!
file.jpg: Predicted in 3.24 seconds
Boxes: 845 of which 1 above the threshold
person: 13%

I already tried sink() but it does not work. I really hope to know how to save this.
Thank you

A reproducible example, called a reprex would really help to answer the question. All I can do for now is to ask whether you are trying to save file.png or trying to save Test?

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