How to scrape multiple websites using Rcrawler in R?

I've noticed we don't have many questions here about Rcrawler, and I thought it's a great tool to scrape website. However, I have a problem telling it to scrape multiple websites as it can only do 3 currently. Please let me know if anyone has experience with this issue. Thanks.

I've tried putting all URLs in a list/vector, but it still doesn't do it. Here are my scraping codes to get the title, description, and keywords of the websites.

Rcrawler(Website = c("", "", ""),
 no_cores = 3, no_conn = 3, MaxDepth = 0, 
ExtractXpathPat = c('/html/head/title', '//meta[@name="description"]/@content', '//meta[@name="keywords"]/@content'),
 PatternsName = c("Title", "Description", "Keywords"), saveOnDisk = FALSE)

If I have more than 3 websites, it will give me this error:

Error in Rcrawler(Website = c("", "",  : 
  object 'getNewM' not found

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