How to see the notes when error occurred in tidymodels?

I have error right here:
x train/test split: preprocessor 1/1, model 1/1: Error in character("inv"): vector size cann...

Warning message:
“All models failed. See the .notes column.”

How do I see the .notes column?

From Tidy Modeling with R:

  • .notes is [a] list column of tibbles cataloging any warnings or errors generated

It's part of the tibble that's output as a result of the function that you ran (I can't tell what code you ran from the error alone—it would be much easier if you could include a reprex.

For a nice intro to working with nested data, see the article from the tidyr package:

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The latest version of tune has a nice helper function for viewing warning and errors. You'll get the message in the output:

Run `show_notes(.Last.tune.result)` for more information.

and that give the unique warnings and errors in a readable format.


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