How to serve the pkgdown on my own subdomain?

I am trying to host the pkgdown website for a package to my own subdomain:

On travis I have:

  provider: script
  script: Rscript -e 'pkgdown::deploy_site_github()'
  skip_cleanup: true

On the help page it mentions " If you're using a custom CNAME, make sure you have set the url in _pkgdown.yaml :"

I tried adding to _pkgdown.yml
but id hasn't worked.

I am not sure what should I change or where.

In the settings of the repository, as there is an option under Github pages>Custom domain to specify where I want it.
Also following the Github Documentation I found that I should set up something on my own website. But it is not clear what, as I can add an entry for:

mysubdomain CNAME 1h

digging some websites using a similar setup I found this:

$ dig +noall +answer 899 IN	CNAME	3598	IN	A	3598	IN	A	3598	IN	A	3598	IN	A

But I'm not sure how to set up this.

How can I redirect the build to show up on my desired subdomain?

Still haven't found a way to solve this. Is there anyone who can provide a hint or their experience?

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