How to setup RStudio Cloud base project setup to increase user experience of load times?

Hi All!

Are you teaching with RStudio Cloud? I need some advice on these questions:

  • How do you setup your base projects for teaching with RStudio Cloud?
  • Do you only install the packages you need for the specific exercises?
  • What is more effective: increasing RAM or CPUs?

Last week, I finally started teaching a "Data Science with R" class in Switzerland. It’s entirely virtual, and we use the RStudio Cloud for all exercises. We have a specific workspace for which I use a base project. I have increased RAM to 2 GB and also increase to 2 CPUs. Still, deploying the projects takes very long (~ 1 to 2 minutes), and I have a feeling it is because I have the tidyverse installed in the base project.

I appreciate any insights into how you use RStudio Cloud for teaching.