How to solve problem with reading a shapefile in R

How do I show a map that is in shapefile format that is in a zip file. The file is this:

I tried to do the following:


temp <- tempfile()
data <- readOGR(unz(temp, "41MUE250GC_SIR.shp"))

But it did not work.

The map will look like the one below:

enter image description here

Probably better to use sf than rgdal it is just a better package for working with spatial data.

You could do this:


temp <- tempfile()
data <- st_read(unz(temp, "41MUE250GC_SIR.shp"))

# Unzip the contents of the temp and save in temp2
temp2 <- tempfile()
unzip(zipfile = temp, exdir = temp2)

# Read using sf
municipios <- st_read(temp2)

Thanks for answering @williaml ! And to plot a graph similar to the one in the question, how do I do it? I made plot(municipios), but it shows two maps.


Use the $ for a particular column e.g. plot(municipios$your_column).

More info: 5. Plotting Simple Features • sf

Otherwise, you can use ggplot2, or other packages including leaflet, tmap, mapsf.

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