How to solve this (x, y) length problem about R language

par(mar = c(10,5,3,2),cex = 1.0) > plot(cal,lwd=7,lty=6,errbar.col="black",xlim = c(0,1.),ylim = c(0,1.),xlab ="Nomogram-Predicted Probability of 3-Year Survival",ylab="Actual 3-Year Survival",col="blue")
lines(cal,c('mean.predicted','KM'),type = 'a',lwd = 3,col ="black" ,pch = 16)
Error in xy.coords(x, y) : 'x' and 'y' lengths differ > box(lwd = 1)
abline(0,1,lty = 3,lwd = 3,col = "black")

Can you edit your post so that the format is a code chunk? Add ```r to the top and ``` to the bottom.

What are dimensions of 'cal'?

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