How to stop responsiveness in shiny apps


Shiny apps have a responsive built in UI and i want to stop this responsiveness i couldn't find a way to do that.
Example: here it buts the two sliders down each other and i want them to have fixed position where user have to scroll to see both of them if he/she have a small screen


I am definitely not the most experienced person at doing this sort of thing, but it is important to make the distinction here that you are talking about responsive client-side behavior, not to be confused with Shiny's reactive behavior.

In any case, the responsive design stuff is typically done with CSS by Bootstrap or something like it. You can use Shiny Themes to inject your own CSS and force this behavior if you like. However, I would be curious to hear why you want this. Typically responsive design is more desirable than small screen users having to scroll, etc. Are you familiar with the Bootstrap framework?


Hello cole
Thanks for your help
I tried putting elements i want in div with a fixed width but it didn't work i'm not too familiar with bootstrap actually but i know some CSS and some bootstrap.
I will try the theme thing and tell you what happened.
Why i want to do this let me give you an example i have 2 input area X and Y they indicate a decimal i put dot between them so they look like this X.Y with bootstrap and small size screen they just go above each other like this
And this is really confusing for a user.
I just need things to be kept in horizontal state


Ahh interesting. That may be something that you are able to solve without too much reworking. might give you some ideas. Maybe fixedPage or fixedRow.

In particular, perhaps this quote is most promising:

Responsive layout is enabled by default for all Shiny page types. To disable responsive layout you should pass responsive = FALSE to the fluidPage() or fixedPage() function.

There is lots of good information to learn from there, though!


I searched this after using bootstrap 3 you cannot disable responsive by using this argument.
Tried fixed row, fixed page all that