How to subset o filter a data frame

I want to subset or filter a data frame to keep only the rows with cut == "Good, when the 20% of the price is greater than the value of price_02. How can I do that?

d_01 <- diamonds |> 
  filter(cut == "Good" | cut == "Premium", carat == 0.29) |>
  dplyr::select(carat, cut, price) |>
  slice(1:10) |>
  mutate(price_02 = c(800, 760, 779, 738, 789, 750, 740, 779, 748, 789))

Does this give you what you want?

d_01 |> filter(cut=="Good", price*0.2 > price_02)

No rows meet those conditions.

Thank you very much.

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