How to transform multiple columns variables into dummy variables in Rstudio?

I have following variables f_100_0_0 and f_100_0_1. They are respreenting choosing two of your favotite colors from total 4 colors (1-red, 2-green, 3-blue and 4-white). In R, how can I change them into the dummy variables on the right side, which are 4 dummy variables representing 4 colors.


I would probably use scorecard::one_hot

You can do this without loading any libraries. Let's assume your data is in a dataframe named df. Try the following:

m <- model.matrix(~ as.factor(f_100_0_0) - 1, data = df)

This should produce a matrix containing the dummy variables for f_100_0_0. You can repeat this for f_100_0_1 and then use cbind to combine the matrices. You may want to rename the columns to taste.

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