How to troubleshoot C compiler problems on Mac?

I'm having trouble installing RTidyHTML with this command: remotes::install_github("omegahat/RTidyHTML")

The relevant part of the error message is as follows:

gcc-11.3.0_1 -I"/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/include" -DNDEBUG -Ilibtidy/include -I/opt/R/arm64/include -fPIC -mtune=native -g -O2 -Wall -pedantic -Wconversion -c Rtidy.c -o Rtidy.o
/bin/sh: gcc-11.3.0_1: command not found
make: *** [Rtidy.o] Error 127
ERROR: compilation failed for package ‘RTidyHTML’

Now I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. I have installed the latest version of gcc (11.3.0_1) using homebrew and I've created ~/.R/Makevars with the following content:

CFLAGS=-mtune=native -g -O2 -Wall -pedantic -Wconversion
CXXFLAGS=-mtune=native -g -O2 -Wall -pedantic -Wconversion

I'm using Mac Monterey 12.2 on an M1 Mac.

Now I still get this error message and I don't know where to start. How can I approach this systematically?

I know that I could potentially fix my path and my R environment but there are so many moving parts that I don't know where to start.

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