How to type greek letters in rmarkdown.

I somehow managed to type the greek letter μ (mu) into the markdown-part of an Rmd-document. The μ was correctly shown in the Rstudio Rmarkdown-pane, i.e. not as a code (e.g. U+03BC)

I can't reproduce it, or find guidance on the internet on what I did.

Do anyone know how to do this?

dollar sign slash mu dollar sign

but if it type it here it gets rendered \mu

These are \LaTeX based symbols.

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Sorry the question was unclear. I am not talkning about μ being rendered in the html-output. The character was inserted into the rmd-source.

Like in the image below:

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write in in word and then copy and paste into R

wouldn't that be funny....

My guess is you typed Alt + m (or Option + m) on a Mac -- does that reproduce it?

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Alt-M does indeed render µ

Thanks guys!
On my machine ALTGR + m, render µ! (ALT + m, does not)
Not only in Rstudio but everywhere in Windows 10.
Good to know :smiley:


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