How to update the Rstudio viewer elements in shiny?

I'm working on a machine learning(ANN) project with keras() and trying to create a shiny app to show the process of model training(fitting). In RStudio, the training process(value change of loss function) is shown on the "viewer" panel and it updates with the iteration.

How can i show the element of viewer panel as an output in shiny app?

an example of ANN is as below:

#Step 1: ANN setting
network <- keras_model_sequential() 
  layer_dense(units = 5,activation = "linear",use_bias=T) %>%
  layer_dense(units = 1) %>% 
  compile(optimizer = optimizer_adam(),loss = "mean_squared_error")

#Step 2: ANN fitting(I want to show this part in shiny)
network %>% fit(x = seq(0,1,0.01),
                 y = seq(0,1,0.01), 
                 epochs = 16,
                 batch_size = 8,
                 validation_split = 0.2,
                 verbose = 2)

I have some html knowledge and get the Xpath of the graph:


but I have no idea how to make use of it.
Any help will be appreciated~