How to use Browser's Print-to-PDF while my HTML contains {.tabset}

Hello good people,

I noted recently that CSS styling inside RMarkdown doesn't gets into knitting to PDF.
So I tried to open the HTML page to print the page as PDF, but the many tabsets that I used are not expanding and contents remains hidden.

Is there any way to instruct {.tabset} to not apply over printable-view?

UPDATE: pagedown did the trick, however I have one Issue


#---YAML Section---
# output:
#  pagedown::html_paged: 
#    toc: true
#    number_sections: true

After installing I firstly thought nothing changed and instructions are not very clear about what to do after installing.
Actually a new button is added to Knitr in Rstudio "knit to html_paged".

After knitting a new paginated HTML is shown.
However this requires a normal browser and here is the Issue.

When clicking "Open in Browser" the default browser is added a new tab.
I noted that only 4 pages are shown with contents for title-page only.

This happens in Opera, but did not in Firefox.
Javascript console in Opera shows an error in huge amount of embedded code, while in Firefox nothing. This is probably related to paged.js, however I see that it embeds the file instead of linking to it.



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