How to use dbPool with RODBC?


I am currently connecting to a SQL Server DB with RODBC::odbcDriverConnect(...)

How do I create a pool object that connects through ODBC? Must I use the 'odbc' package or can I stick to the RODBC package?



I believe that you need a DBI "compliant" package, to use pool. That's why odbc is needed, unless you are connecting to a database that has a DBI-backed package, like postgres


That was my understanding as well, but I'm having issues using pool with the odbc package using a MySQL driver. When I run the code below, I see the following error - these seems to indicate that the odbc package/drive is not fully DBI compliant. I am able to make a working odbc connection when I call dbConnect directly. I also saw this SO post with the same error for SQL Server.

# define a pool object
pool <- dbPool(
  Driver = "MySQL Driver",
  Database = "database-name",
  Server = "server",
  UID = "user",
  PWD = "password",
  Port = 3306

warning messages from top-level task callback '1'
Warning message:
Could not notify connection observer. trying to get slot "info" from an object (class "Pool") that is not an S4 object


This may be due to package version mismatch, can you check to make sure you have the latest versions?


Thanks @edgararuiz -- you were right! I was previously on odbc 1.1.3 and DBI 0.7. I upgraded to the current CRAN versions 1.1.5 and 0.8 respectively (with pool at the current 0.1.4), and the dbPool call is working now.

Thanks again.