How to use Pandoc markdown for footnotes?

The title is the question.

The bookdown book says that it uses Pandoc markdown with some additions, but then it says that footnotes are made inline like so:

^[This is a footnote.]

However, the Pandoc way of putting footnotes in a book allows for naming the footnote inline like so:

Here is a footnote reference,[^1]

and the footnote itself can be at the end of the document like so:

[^1]: Here is the footnote.

I would love to be able to just use the Pandoc method. Is this possible? A setting I can change somewhere?


It should be working fine already.

In bookdown-demo repo I added

# Literature

Here is a review of existing methods[^1].

[^1]: a footnote

in the file and I correctly got the footnote.

What did you try?

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Oh brother. Iā€™m sorry. I promise I tried it before posting. I just checked, and I forgot the colon.

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