How to use regex to match upto third forward slash in R using gsub?

So this question is relating to specifically how R handles regex - I would like to find some regex in conjunction with gsub to extract out the text all but before the 3rd forward slash.

Here are some string examples:


I would like to obtain the following strings only:


So it is not keeping the information after the 3rd forward slash.

I cannot seem to get any regex working along with using gsub to solve this!

The closest I have got is:

gsub(pattern = "/[A-Za-z0-9_.-]/[A-Za-z0-9_.-]*$", replacement = "", x = the_data_above )

I think R has some issues regarding forward slashes and escaping them.

You can do this with stringr::str_extract:

text = c('/', 

stringr::str_extract(text, '/.+?/[^/]*')
#> [1] "/" "/"      "/"
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